Natural Wooden Tableware & Dinnerware Set

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Oscar Purdy

Arrived fast in less than 15 days, they are beautiful and match the announcement

Henderson Senger

They are beautiful! I recommend

Antonio Steuber

Very good. Of good quality. They come with some things to hold on but they don't need much. I have loved it.

Antwon Beer

They are very beautiful, just like you can see in the image. What strikes me is how well packed they arrive. Super recommended.

Johnathan McDermott

Splendid purchase even more beautiful in reality🔥

Production Information:

Material: Natural coconut

Pattern Type: Natural texture

Craft: Handmade

Material: coconut shell

Accessories: Silicone base

capacity: 450ml

1. cannot be heated, do not expose to avoid deformation.
2. Since the product is a natural material, the shape is irregular and the size is slightly deviated, refer to the actual product received.
3.The coconut shell bowls will be equipped with plastic washers, which can be placed on the table smoothly.
The coconut shell is polished inside and the bottom of the coconut shell is smoothed.
Made from real coconuts. Vegan, eco-friendly and ethical!
After these coconut shells have been extracted for their meat and water, they are then cleaned and sealed with coconut oil which means no harmful lacquers, sealants or glue.
Coconut Bowls contain no harmful chemicals, just natural coconut oil.
These bowls will take you from breakfast to lunch to dinner to dessert.
Each handmade coconut bowl is coated with NOVA37 extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil, so as to ensure that the gap between the coconut shells is closed.
You can never find the same two pieces.
Each piece is equal to a coconut.
Can hold hot food.
Product name: natural log coconut shell bowl
Material: coconut shell
Size: diameter 12-15cm / 4.72-5.90in, height 4.5-6.5cm / 1.77-2.56in
Uses: home storage bowls, can be used for rice, dessert, fruit, snacks and so on.